The new XR Ripper is now available from CL Fab in two widths: 76″ and 84″. It is built for compact track loaders and skid steers and can handle the power of the biggest skid steers and compact track loaders.

With the XR Ripper you can:

  • Rip and scarify hard ground.
  • Tear out roots, rocks and dig up stumps.
  • Reversible teeth for forward or reverse ripping.
  • Maximum depth is 20″ below grade.

3/4” thick upper and lower skid steer attach points
Patented one piece mount brackets
Anti-skid steps
No tools needed to adjust tines
Tough, 1” thick AR400 steel tines
4”x4”x 3/8” wall frame tubing
½” thick AR400 steel tine plates
  • Reversible, 1″x30″ AR400 steel tines
  • 4″x4″x.375 tubing frame
  • 3/4″ thick upper and lower skid steer attach points
  • Four Anti-skid steps
  • Tooth mount plates are 1/2″ AR400 steel
  • Adjust teeth without tools
  • Tough, powder coated finish
  • No tools needed to adjust tines

“Received the ripper last week. Really like this attachment. Very good quality construction. Have used it to rip up hard ground & worked good. Impressed with quality of fabrication.”

Travis D.,Texas
XR Ripper for Skid SteerXR Ripper Mounted

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