for skid steer, compact track loaders and tractor loaders

Skid steer tree and post puller multi-purpose grasping tool

The EZ-Puller is also a great tool for digging up stumps, broken posts,rocks and whatever else you need to pry out of the ground.

The hydraulic cylinder is protected inside a heavy guard. This shields the cylinder rod and hydraulic hoses from damage.

The X1 weighs 585 lbs with Cab Guard!

Optional bolt on cab guard is formed from 1/4” thick steel with 3/8” thick mount plates
Extended jaws are designed for digging
4”x4”x 3/8” wall frame and jaw tubing
4”x4”x 3/8” wall frame and jaw tubing
Greasable, jaw pivot points
½” thick upper and lower skid steer attach points
2.5”x 8” welded cylinder
Cylinder Guard
¼” thick steel
¾” thick grade 50 steel jaws
2.5”x2.5”x 1/4” wall diagonal bracing
Hoses pass through frame for better protection
  • 16″ opening easily grasps large objects
  • Jaws are 3/4″ thick G50 high strength steel
  • 4″x4″x3/8″ jaw and frame tubes
  • Jaws feature vertical and horizontal bracing
  • 2.5″x8″ welded hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder guard built from 1/4″ plate protects cylinder when digging or pulling
  • Optional bolt on cab guard is formed from 1/4” thick steel with 3/8” thick mount plates
  • 1.5″ diameter CF 1045 pivot pins through thick wall greasable bushings at all pivot points
  • Abrasive blasted and powdered coated
  • Includes 4780 PSI hoses and flat faced couplers
  • Direct sale pricing includes standard shipping
  • 2.5”x2.5”x 1/4” wall diagonal bracing
  • ½” thick upper and lower skid steer attach points
  • X1 puller with Cab Guard weighs 585 lbs



“Thought I would send you this pic of the puller. It worked great for me today to clean up an old burn pile with my CT332. I moved some stumps with it that were huge and even my machine struggled to pick them up! The puller didn’t lose grip at all. The pile is about three times deeper than wide. It worked great and handles the extreme pressure and lifting power the CT332 puts on it.”– Will S., Dubuque, Iowa

“I just finished clearing my 20 acre farm with the EZ Puller I purchased a month or so ago. This unit exceeded my expectations. My overgrowth was 15 years old and included elm trees up to 7 inches in diameter. Forty hours later, the land was cleared. I pulled thousands of trees with no problems. Even removed some 16 inch stumps by digging up the perimeter and then pulling. The only thing that slowed it down was 25 year old pine trees with tap roots up to 4 foot deep. After a little more digging at the perimeter, these trees also would surrender to the EZ Puller. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. The amount of work I got done was amazing. I will be a reference any time for you in Michigan..”– Thomas T., Michigan

“I purchased a EZ Puller a couple of weeks ago. Your puller is working awesome. We have been clearing some 4 to 8″ elm trees and you can see the results. I am using a Bobcat T250 on the puller and it is handling it extremely well. Thanks again.”– Dirk G., Iowa

“Excellent. One of the best thought out and finished products I have ever bought. Fit, finish, function, detail—works superb. Hose length is perfect. Don’t change a thing.”– Brad R., Kansas

“I used the puller the past two weekends. The first afternoon I pulled around 400 trees out of the pasture and filter strip ranging from saplings to 4″ diameter trees. Almost felt sorry for the hedge and locust I was ripping out as I laughed out loud at them. The cedar trees I was trying to save to transplant took some trial and error due to tearing the bark on the trunk but after I finally figured out to put the point of the puller in the dirt and drive it under the tree then just pop it up, I removed and transplanted 30 six to eight foot cedars with no trouble.

The puller works like a million bucks. It paid for itself the first day and I have several hundred more trees to remove so it was money very well spent. Just thought I would let you know how good it worked and how pleased I am.”– Dan S., Nebraska

EZ Puller XL-PRO tree pullerEZ Puller XL-PRO

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